Diabetic Shoe Program

 Diabetic Shoe Program

Prescription Shoes - Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

As a patient of BRIO Foot & Ankle Specialists, you are entitled to receive benefits on high-quality podiatric footwear. Our Podiatrist can help you alleviate your unique symptoms.

Many diabetic patients experience problems with their feet due to loss of sensation(diabetic neuropathy) and poor circulation. It is important to choose footwear in order to protect the feet from complications. Caring for your feet when you have diabetes is very important for avoiding serious disorders. If you are a diabetic, a pair of comfortable supportive shoes designed to prevent calluses, corns, blisters, diabetic wounds (foot ulcers) and other kinds of sores that occur.

Our Foot Friendly Shoe Program Can Help You!

These durable shoes are extra depth shoes and are extremely comfortable. Many of these shoes come with removable insoles or orthotics and offer extra support to keep the feet healthy. Shoes may also be custom-made to fit your individual feet to help you find pain relief. There are a wide variety of style and color choices.

It is important for diabetic patients to have regular podiatric exams in order to further protect their feet from these serious complications. BRIO Foot & Ankle Specialists can provide a comprehensive evaluation for prescription shoes.


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