Ankle Sprains & Instabilities

Dr. Park can help you find ankle pain relief. Sprains are an extremely common ankle injury. They involve possible joint damage resulting in swelling, instability, and pain, as well as more severe damage such as torn ligaments, bruised cartilage, and broken bones. Osteochondritis is a disorder where loose bone or cartilage gets caught between joints or bones, causing swelling, pain, stiffness, and, in severe cases, immobility. An ankle-twisting injury can result in a loose piece(s) of bone or cartilage. Unfortunately, untreated sprained ankles result in prolonged symptoms. Some of these are chronic pain or an unstable ankle, which makes a person more likely to get repeated injuries and arthritic changes as they get older. 

Our podiatrist will utilize cutting-edge technology to determine if there is a fracture, dislocation, or torn ligament. If you've sprained your ankle or have a history of ankle sprains, early evaluation and aggressive treatment are the best ways to avoid chronic pain, instability, and arthritis of the involved joints. Contact our Foot and Ankle Doctor immediately for an appointment to learn more about all of your treatment options. 


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