Diabetic Foot

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Diabetics are prone to poor circulation, have a weakened immune system, and have impaired nerve function in their feet. Due to poor circulation or a lack of sensation after poor circulation, diabetic feet are more susceptible to developing sores and non-healing wounds, which may lead to ulcers. These wounds can also develop into serious infections, which can lead to amputations, the loss of limbs, and even the loss of life. 

With diabetes, you also have a good chance of developing peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of this nerve disorder can include pain, numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in your feet. BRIO Foot & Ankle Specialists recommends that you come in for a complete diabetic foot evaluation.

Our podiatrist will use the latest technology to test and assess the circulation in your feet and determine if you have neuropathy. Once the evaluation is complete, our podiatrist will design a treatment plan specifically for you. If you have diabetes, schedule an appointment with BRIO Foot & Ankle Specialists. Our Foot and Ankle Doctor can provide you with the expert care you'll need to minimize possible complications.


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